Joanne Mihelcic: The Person-Centered Record & Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease

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We are cosponsoring Joanne Mihelcic’s May 10th talk with the UMSI Diversity Committee.
Joanne Mihelcic is visiting from Monash University and will be speaking about her recent research.



Event details:

The Experiential Model of the Person-Centred Record: A Social Constructionist Grounded Theory

The research used qualitative methods, including second generation grounded theory, in-depth cases and open interviews, to explore and study the creation of person-centred records. The findings explored what it means to create and use records which represent stories of self to support memory, identity and personhood with the person with early stage Alzheimer’s disease. This research was supported by the Alzheimer’s Australia Postgraduate Research Scholarship in Dementia.

Lunch will be provided. The event is sponsored by the UMSI Diverstiy Committee and the UMSI SAA Student Chapter.

About the speaker

Joanne Mihelcic

Joanne Mihelcic is in the Centre for Social and Organisational Informatics at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Her PhD research applies interdisciplinary perspectives to her research and practice. Her qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in education, a graduate diploma in media studies, and a masters in information management and systems. These studies have supported a career that has spanned health, education, media and arts, and knowledge management.


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