Guest Post: Adam Lott Notes on the ICA-2015 Conference, Part 2

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Adam Lott is a second year MSI student specializing in Archives and Records Management with an interest in moving-image media. Read Part 1 of his conference notes. Lott is also a participant in The Archivists Apprentice series, which follows School of Information students as they complete their internships. You can read his previous posts here and here.

The ICA-SUV 2015 conference was the first conference I have attended since entering my graduate program. Speaking as a student, I would recommend anyone with an interest in Archives and Records Management to attend at least one conference before graduation. They are an excellent means of networking with your peers, offer new ways of thinking about archives, and can be an incredibly fun experience.

I could not really think of a better first conference to attend than the ICA-SUV. The conference theme – the role of audiovisual archives in research institutions – aligned perfectly with my interests. Low attendance (when compared to events such as SAA’s annual meeting) allowed for a very intimate event. I was able to speak with many archivists on a one-to-one basis, developing many connections during the week. In this way, I was able to learn about the nature of the field itself: how to distinguish myself from others, what organizations look for when hiring, and how to find career paths pertaining to my interests. Conversations continued well beyond the panel presentations, as many of us explored the local bar scene. Some of the most significant connections I made were done so over a glass of beer.

Many archives have the same goals in mind, which causes the community to be very inclusive and approachable. Because of the conference, I felt as though I was a part of something larger; that the efforts of each archivist contributed to some greater good. I’m hoping to reconnect with my peers this fall at The Association of Moving Image Archivists annual event, and will be sure to attend another ICA-SUV conference if the opportunity presents itself.


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