Founded in 1993, we are the University of Michigan’s student chapter of the Society of American Archivists (SAA). Comprised of graduate students from the University of Michigan School of Information (UMSI) interested in archival science, we seek to promote professional development for those about to enter the field. We hold events throughout the school year in order to foster interaction between future colleagues, highlight issues in the archival field, and offer archival assistance to institutions in the area. We also share resources for future professionals and provide opportunities for archives students to socialize.




Typical events we hold over the course of a year include:

Archive blitzes. Once or twice a semester, we offer students the opportunity to draw on their knowledge and skills to help out a local archival institution in a day-long project.

Archive tours. Behind-the-scenes looks at archives, libraries, or cultural heritage institutions in the area. Previous tours have included the Video Game Archive on U-M’s North Campus and The Henry Ford in Dearborn.

Panels/Lectures. We invite archives professionals to speak on anything from trends in the field to their own career experiences to advice for students.

Peer advising. Students come together to offer some pointers on which UMSI courses to take and discuss the curriculum as a whole.

Social events. From trivia to movie nights to just getting together for food and refreshments, sometimes we just like to have fun with our fellow students!



UMSI students can join our student chapter at no charge. However, UMSI students can also join the national Society of American Archivists for $55/year (https://www2.archivists.org/membership/student). A student membership in SAA is a great way to hear about job listings, have access to publications discussing issues in the field, get discounts on SAA books, and much more!





Lauren Seroka

Term: May 2018-May 2019

As a student, I am specializing in archives and plan to take the Digital Curation mastery course. I love researching and processing prints and photographs, but I also enjoy the new challenges and opportunities in digital archives and creating accessible and intriguing digital collections. It would be an absolute dream to do any of the above in an archive specializing in women’s history.

I want to use my position as SAA officer to pass along career information that I have acquired through mentors, the career center, or by my own online discoveries. A valuable piece of this information-sharing takes place in the form of workshops, panels, lectures, and even social events. I hope to use my position to organize events so that we can all help each other navigate our new profession as archivists. When I’m not gushing over something sappy I find in an 18th-century letter or diary, I enjoy cooking, working out, and finding the best happy hour deals in town.

Kate Topham

Term: May 2018-May 2019

I’m a second-year student focusing on Digital Curation. I’ve spent my time at SI learning new technology, and how libraries and archives can use it to develop new approaches to research, preservation, and access. I hope to have a career in the digital humanities, working with scholars to support and participate in research projects, as well as facilitating access to digital collections. I look forward to networking, socializing, and learning with my peers in my tenure as an SAA officer. I hope to help our MSI archivist community grow and (more importantly) stay sane through the next year!

Julia Maxwell 

Term: January 2019-January 2020books

I’m a first year MSI student focusing on digital curation, archives, and digital humanities. I would really like to have a career in data curation or digital American cultural materials. Most specifically, I’d like to create more accessible ways for those in marginalized communities to access the digital humanities. I’m so excited to be involved in SAA as an officer and to learn and grow as an archivist and information professional with my peers.  When I’m not doing schoolwork, teaching classes as a graduate assistant, or planning SAA events, I love to read, discover new places to eat and drink, and pet any and all dogs that I meet.

Alexandria Rayburn 

Term: January 2019-January 2020img_2522.jpg

I’m a first year MSI student specializing in Archives planning to take the Librarianship and Archival Practice Mastery Course. I am particularly passionate about preserving and providing access to historical and cultural collections, especially through digitization. While not in class I work at the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA) and have a background in museum studies. I think museums play a unique role in the Library, Archives, and Museums field and I hope my background in this area can bring new insight to the Michigan SAA chapter. I’m excited to be an SAA officer and hope to use my time to learn more about the field, network, and bond with my peers through social and professional events alike.




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